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This intensive course provides advanced skills for Certified Nurse Assistants. It is a step-up course geared towards those who wish to advance their knowledge in clinical skills and for those who are looking to work in a hospital setting. Taking this training class helps a CNA become more competitive and marketable when applying for a job.

Scope of Training

The program is for a total of ten days consisting of lectures, skills demonstration, visuals, and student hands-on participation. Students will be provided the basic techniques in patient care based on the six principles of care. Simulated skill sessions allow students to practice with and mannequin. The last four days is clinical practicum in a facility setting.

Our classes are conducted by highly qualified, experienced and professional License Nurse.

Clinical Skills

  • Sterile technique
  • Documentation
  • Administration of oxygen via nasal canula or simple mask.
  • Yankauer and oropharyngeal Suctioning
  • Colostomy / Ileostomy care
  • Urinary bladder catheterization
  • Straight catheterization
  • Obtaining capillary blood glucose
  • Sterile dressing change
  • Wet to dry dressing change
  • Applying dressings around drains (G/T & JP – sterile)
  • Internal tube feedings: continuous and intermittent, including different types of formulas, checking for residuals, administration of tube feeding, tube site care, and aspiration precautions.

Program Requirement

  • Physical Exam*
  • Criminal Abstract*
  • Flu Shot*
  • CPR/FA*
  • 2-Step TB Clearance or X-ray *

*must be submitted a week prior to scheduled Clinical Practicum

All students are required to provide documentation of passing a background check, flu Shot, physical exam, CPR & First Aid Certification, and a negative result of a 2-step TB skin test in past twelve (12) months (details below). MUST submit these documents a week prior to the scheduled clinical practicum. If the student fails to comply in a timely manner a refund will NOT be given and you will be rescheduled to the first available clinical practicum. Then student will have to pay a clinical rescheduling fee of $100.00 plus 4.712% Tax.


A 2-step TB test with a negative result within the past twelve (12) months is required. If there is a positive result from a skin test, an X-ray is highly recommended as a second step to verify clearance. The test may be obtained from your family physician or local Health Department. All students must submit a negative TB clearance a week prior to the start of clinical practicum.


A criminal background check is required. Some clinical facilities will also require a drug test. The cost of the background check is not included in the course fee. Please note: If a student’s background check is returned with a conviction, the student will not be able to attend the clinical practicum and complete the program and therefore a refund will not be given.

Registration Information:

To reserve a place and begin class, must call our office for seat availability in your preferred schedule. Seats are based on first come first served. A deposit of between $300.00 to $500.00 must be submitted with your application to secure your seat. You may obtain additional information by calling the office at (808) 848-9988 during office hours 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

You may also email for additional information.

To Register

Return the completed and signed Enrollment Application Form and Enrollment Agreement below, together with the $300.00 to $500.00 deposit. The Physical Form must be completed and submitted a week prior to the scheduled clinical practicum.

Forms of Payment:

Acceptable forms of payment are credit/debit card, money order or cashier check made payable to Caregiver Training School. When registering in person, cash or personal check is acceptable. Note: An additional fee of 4.1% will be charged to you if paid with Credit or Debit.

Credit Card authorization Form

For classes above, please call or email for cost and schedule!

Refund & Rescheduling Policy

Refunds are subject to our refund policy. On the discretion of the Director of Admission, the student may re-schedule once to the next available training date without a penalty. The letter of request for re-schedule must be received in the office at least 10 business days prior to the start of the scheduled class. If request is made less than 10 business days, the student will be assessed a rescheduling fee of $200.00 (plus tax). Thereafter, any subsequent re-scheduling will incur a fee of $200.00 (plus tax). Class must be completed within six (6) months from the date of the original class date.

Students must mail a written cancellation notice to Caregiver Training School no later than (7) days prior to the start of the scheduled class to be eligible for a refund. Telephone cancellation is not accepted. No refunds will be issued for a student that is dismissed for absenteeism, tardiness, or fails the program. The school reserves the right to re- schedule the class if there is no sufficient number of enrollments, or when an instructor may not be available, and/or any circumstance(s) that is/are beyond the School’s control. I agree to make myself available to the new schedule.